E-Bike Rent

Rent a bike for a great time outdoors!

E-bike rental in Kitzbühel

INTERSPORT Kitzsport at Jochberger Straße 7 Kitzbühel offers professional advice and a huge selection of e-bikes for any biker, from leisure cyclists to downhill enthusiasts. Brilliant e-bikes, e-mountain bikes and e-fullies (full-suspension MTBs)! And we have everything else you may need on the road, too, starting with a helmet. We make hires fun.

New: rent an e-fully

E-bikes are all the rage – among all ages. They enable their rider to choose their preferred level of cardiovascular exercise while reducing the strain put on their joints. E-bikes are just as ideal for everyone keen on taking longer trips or mastering inclines that are too steep for their muscular strength alone. And our new e-fullies (full-suspension MTBs) will keep you secure in your saddle on any terrain. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Test & buy

Do you want a trial ride on your future bike before buying? No problem. We are confident that you will find your perfect e-bike or mountain bike among our enormous selection. Best of all, you’ll receive up to 2 days’ worth of your rental fees back when purchasing a new bike. So take your time. Our INTERSPORT Kitzsport rentertainers will be happy to provide advice and show you all the new features.

Click here for more information about our test-and-buy scheme:

Top brands – top bikes

Not all bikes are made equal. We only rent out top-quality e-bikes by Haibike, KTM, Ghost and Scott.

PS: Can’t wait for winter? We also offer rental skis and snowboards.

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Category1 Day 2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 = 7 Dayseach additional Day
E-MTB (Hardtail)55,-105,-150,-175,-215,-255,-40,-
Enduro Downhill70,-130,-180,-210,-250,-290,-40,-
Helmets & protectors
Full vision helmet20,-40,-60,-80,-100,-120,-20,-
Knee & ellbow protector5,-10,-15,-20,-25,-30,-5,-
Protector jacket10,-20,-30,-40,-50,-60,-10,-
Category1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 = 7 Dayseach additional Day
Children up to 14 years
E-Bike up to 26"40,-70,-95,-120,-145,-180,-25,-
Enduro only 26"35,-65,-85,-110,-125,-140,-15,-
Helmets & protectors
Full vision helmet20,-40,-60,-80,-100,-120,-20,-
Knee and ellbow protector5,-10,-15,-20,-25,-30,-5,-
Back protector7,-13,-17,-20,-23,-25,-2,-

All prices are quoted in EUR including VAT

Enduro bikes and protectors are only available at our shop at the Fleckalmbahn in Kirchberg!

All around package1 Day2 Days3 -7 Days8 Days and more
E-Bike (any kind)25,-35,-55,-75,-

All around package:

All around E-BIKE RENTAL package:

Explore the loveliest routes of the Kitzbühel Alps in style and comfort with our
all around package“.
With the package, you have no deductible for damage caused by falls and no deductible for theft

 Bear in mind that any theft must be reported to the police!


Without our all around package, your deductible for theft is as follows:

  • € 3000,- for E-Fully
  • € 2500,- for E-Mountainbike
  • € 2500,- for Enduro Bikes

The deductable for falls will be charged depending on complexity

  • Maximum € 250,-


Cases of intentional and negligent damage are exempt from the regulation.