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E-Biking in Kitzbühel

Switch to an e-bike now – with promotional discount and all the gear

E-bikes are the future of cycling: They reduce strain on the cardiovascular system and the joints, enable longer tours, and increase the overall training effect. By the way: We recommend choosing an e-fully for more safety, comfort and fun when cycling!

Purchase your e-bike at INTERSPORT Kitzsport, your most experienced and competent e-bike partner in Kitzbühel, Austria, featuring:

  • The largest selection of bikes from top brands like Ghost, Haibike, KTM, BH-Bikes and Scott
  • Drive systems from Bosch, Yamaha, Brose S and FlyOn
  • Batteries up to 720 Wh capacity
  • E-bike optimally adjusted to customer needs incl. individual adjustments (handlebars, pedals etc.)
  • Kitzsport e-bike promotion up to € 500
  • Exchange premium for old bike up to € 2,000
  • Comprehensive carefree package starting from € 90/year
  • Bike service and software update free of charge (excl. materials)
  • Best advice and service, specialist workshop with hydraulic lifting platform
  • Complimentary bike safety training
  • Learn to ride your new e-bike from us; test rides with any bike possible

Kitzsport E-Bike Promotion and Exchange premium

When purchasing a new e-bike, receive up to € 2,000 for your old bike (depending on age and condition) PLUS our exclusive e-bike promotional discount.

Promotional discountE-bike value
€ 150up to € 2.499
€ 200from € 2.500
€ 300from € 3.100
€ 400from € 4.100
€ 500from € 5.100

Test your dream bike in peace…

after all, you have to find the e-bike that suits you best. Best of all, you’ll receive up to 2 days’ worth of your rental fees back when purchasing a new bike. So take your time. We would be happy to advise you and present all the latest e-fullys, e-mountain bikes and e-cross-bikes.

Free delivery from 100 €
Free returns for 30 days
Klimaneutraler Versand
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