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Keep things running smoothly!

INTERSPORT Kitzsport is all about maximising fun and minimising risk of injury. In short, our goal is to promote healthy running. This is only possible if the running shoe is in optimal shape and individually adapted to the running style and physical condition of the runner. That’s why we recommend the following before starting any run: Ensure that your running shoes are in good condition (worn on one side/or area, sole intact, cushioning system OK, lacing and inner shoe intact?)

Here are some more tips from our INTERSPORT running professionals

  1. How do I find the right running shoe for me? There’s nothing better than precise treadmill and 3D foot analyses. After all, everyone walks and puts pressure on their feet in different ways. For example, some people’s feet bend inwards (pronation) and as a result the shoe has to provide extra stability.
  2. For best consultation results, take your old running shoes with you. They tell us a lot about your foot position and rolling motion.
  3. When speaking with us, tell us how much you’ve run so far and what your goals are. What expectations do you have of your new running shoe?
    With a perfectly fitted running shoe, you can get even more out of your sport and optimise your running style.
  4. Don’t forget: The right running socks! Good socks prevent blisters and support the cushioning of the shoe at certain critical points.

Want to get advice from us and receive a running shoe fitting? Then simply visit us in store or arrange a convenient consultation appointment online.

The ideal running shoe in 3 steps

Whether you are: a passionate hobby or marathon runner, in need of running shoes for the street, trail or tough terrain, or are affected by over or underpronation, a new pair is needed every 1,000 km at the latest. Finding a new pair of running shoes in just 3 steps

  • High wearing comfort and stability while running
  • protects joints, ligaments and bones
  • for even more running fun!
1. 3D foot analysis

The feet are measured with a 3D scanner, which determines the exact shoe size and width. It also shows how body weight is distributed across the entire foot. Whether you are affected by flat foot, splay foot or hollow foot, the goal of the analysis and adjustment is to best compensate for misalignments.

2. Running analysis

On the treadmill, movement sequences are recorded by video camera and data about positioning and rolling are collected. Faulty rolling movements, which restrict the body’s natural cushioning system, are detected.

3. The right shoe

Our consultants will then select suitable shoes from the INTERSPORT Kitzsport Runningzone. They choose the right support and, if necessary, the right insole. The sole is like an upgrade for the shoe because it stabilizes the foot, promotes better blood circulation, and ensures optimal pressure distribution.

Kitzsport - THE running specialist in Kitzbühel

  • Running shoes from top brands for maximum stability, cushioning and support
  • Running style analysis on the treadmill as a basis for choosing the right shoe
  • Running shoe fitting: A “Bootdoc” foot scan provides information about whether insoles are necessary
  • Huge assortment and best service

Take the fate of your feet in your own hands and head on over to INTERSPORT Kitzsport.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Free delivery from 100 €
Free returns for 30 days
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