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Kitzsport – more fun and safety in sports

With 9 branches in Kitzbühel and Kirchberg Kitzsport can be described as the biggest specialist shop for sport equipment in "Kitzbühel, the capital of skiing and the surrounding area". But it is not the size alone that is important, but also the commitment to quality. At Kitzsport you are always in good hands when it comes to sport. Skiing, cross country skiing, alpine touring and snowboarding in winter, bikes (racing and mountain bikes), tennis, water sports, running and hiking in summer and everything, which exists beyond these categories: Kitzsport has the adequate and suitable piece of equipment for you. The range of goods proves to be appropriate for more than just athletic purposes: The choice is wide, if not record-breaking...Kitzsport is the number 1 for sport and leisure in Kitzbühel and the surrounding area.  

The expert consultants in our shops know, which piece of equipment suits you and they give you important advice. All of them are enthusiastic hobby athletes, this is why they are able to give the best advice. You can really rely on the team of Kitzsport.

Especially in winter our staff consider their customers' SAFETY a prior concern. Ski helmets, protective gear and goggles are indespensable pieces of equipment. 

By the way: Kitzsport is also an expert in the fields of rental and service!