Drop your skis off at our shop for a free inspection! 
We generally recommend you to have your bindings adjusted with electronic tools at least once per season (preferably at the beginning of winter).

Waxing & sharpening! 
Depending on the type of snow, skis need a ski service about once or twice a week.

Maximum pleasure obtained with the latest technology
The new ski and board service robot "Saphir" is used for automatic stone grinding of the surface, sharpening the side edges as well as for the high-tech-tuning of the base edges for one pair of skis or one snowboard at a time. These 3 service steps ensure maximum skiing pleasure, better maintenance of the equipment and improved safety. Skis serviced using this robot exactly respond to changes of direction, ensure easy analysis of turns, provide directional stability, optimum gliding performance and deliver a perfect edge grip. For the winter athlete the robot technique of Montana ensures optimum fun on the mountain, providing a piece of equipment which is fast and easy-turning, has optimum edge grip and offers increased safety.

Learn the advantages of a ski or board service with the Saphir.

Prices Ski Service 2018/19


  Youth Adult
Wachsen 7,- 7,-
Top Service 17,- 25,-
ÖSV Olympic Service 31,- 38,-


Wachsen 7,-
TOP Service 38,-
Olympic Service 44,-

Cross Country Ski

Olympic Service 40,-